Reproducibility matters, Organic Nano Electronic(ONE=1) Materials

Along with the growing interest in organic nano electronics, comes an increase in the inconsistencies associated with the performance of a given organic electronic material.

Differences and non-reproducibility are apparent from one report to another, from one organization to another, and from one test to another even in the same laboratory and tested by the same scientist or engineer. Without a standard material, the reported data lose their significance for comparison and validation.

Without a standard material, the industry loses its potential for scale-up and commercialization.

1-Material Inc. sees the need and the necessity to standardize Organic Nano Electronic (ONE=1) materials for organic thin film applications and also understands the challenges to do so.

With its accumulated experience in synthesis, purification, formulation and characterization, the company is extending its focus to processing and validation.

Rather than to continuously pursue innovative structures, the company has dedicated itself to standardize these classic and most common studied materials and to make them reliable and reproducible.

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