1 for ONE

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1-Material stands for Organic Nano Electronic (ONE = 1) Material. Our goal is to provide the reproducible and standardized ONE materials to research society such that those undertaking research in the ONE field are able to develop the technology free from the usual concerns of availability and reproducibility that is usually associated with ONE materials.

Being a small player in the ONE filed, 1-Material is proud of supporting ONE society in whatever the way the company can do, including sponsoring symposiums worldwide constantly such as MRS, EMRS, SPIE, ACS, ICSM, GRC, etc.  1-Material understands that there is tremendous work behind organizing a scientific symposium and appreciates whatever these conference organizers have awarded us throughout years.

1-Material is lining up to support ONE events in coming months exampled as below:

October 07-09, 2019: 12th International Summit on Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaics

December 01-06, 2019, MRS, Symposium EN12

May 25-29, 2020, E-MRS, Symposium D

June 1-3, 2020, Molecular Science Mini-Meeting, McGill, Montreal Canada

July 12-16, 2020, ERPOS2020, Gdansk, Poland

July 26-31, 2020, ICSM2020

————-Stay tuned for more updates…..