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PTAA PTA Poly-TPD PTAA-3Me and more

1M PTAA short list HOMO LUMO

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PFN-Br, PFN-P2, OS0995

Both PFN and PFN-Br are standardized

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PC61BM, PC71BM, ICBA, C60-SAM, SIMEF, C60-AC, C60-N, C60-SB

We are still offering standardized and variety fullerene derivatives for your specific applications, for examples: PC61BM, PC71BM, Bis-PC61BM, Bis-PC71BM, PC6BPF, TCBM, ICMA, ICBA, ICTA, IC71BM, SIMEF, C60-SAM, C60-AC, C60-N, C60-SB, and click the link to see more

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TRZ-m-Phen, CIM5127

1M TRZ-m-Phen 2020

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1M BPTRZ-Py-TPO 2020

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Old medicine, new function: not a Hydroxychloroquine rather than another Aspirin?  To be tested.

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Phen-NaDPO , OS0387

Cathode Interfacial Material Application:   Phen-NaDPO can significantly lower the work function of the Ag metal as well as ITO and HOPG.   Basic Characteristics Tg ≈ 116 oC me = ~10–4-10–3 cm2 V–1 s–1 at E = ~8 × 105

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PNDI-F3N-Br, OS1799

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1 for ONE

1-Material stands for Organic Nano Electronic (ONE = 1) Material. Our goal is to provide the reproducible and standardized ONE materials to research society such that those undertaking research in the ONE field are able to develop the technology free

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MRS, Phoenix Arizona; April 22-29, 2019

Advancing materials, improving the quality of life. 1M is providing Organic Nano Electronic(ONE=1) materials to support your research projects, and proud of sponsoring MRS symposiums worldwide constantly. In coming MRS spring meeting at Phoenix, 1M is financially supporting ” Frontiers

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