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QSY-21, QSY21 Carboxylic Acid CAS 1200894-41-2 dark quencher

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Classic Pi-Materials MEH-PPV MDMO-PPV PFO PFB F8BT KP115 intermediates

From light emitters, transistors and solar cells to printed electronics in general, classic Pi-materials are still the basics for better understanding of relationship between structures and properties; 1-Material is the reliable source for classic Pi-materials. Some examples are listed in

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Y10-BO, Y10 family

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PPHTQ, PPhTQ, Phototransistor 1673577-55-3 Phenanthrene Condensed Thiadiazoloquinoxaline Donor,

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Dark quenchers QSY21, QSY21 NSH and more for your bio-logic applications

Dark quencher molecules are now regarded as key components in the design of smart optical bioprobes, especially those that rely on Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET), currently used in protease activity assays, nucleic acid hybridization, and real‐time polymerase chain reactions

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p-SIDT(FBTTh2)2/ H1, CAS No. 1569453-41-3

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BODIPY-9, an novel p-extended NIR absorption and emission dye for transparent photovoltaic (TPV) and transparent luminescent solar concentrator (TLSC) system.

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SiOTIC-4F COTIC-4F : Single Atom Substitution Leads to High Optoelectronic Response Beyond 1000 nm


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BTP-eC9 a new brother of BTP-4F Y6

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Y6, BTP-4F, NFA157, CAS No. 2304444-49-1

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