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Classic Pi-Materials MEH-PPV MDMO-PPV PFO PFB F8BT KP115 intermediates

From light emitters, transistors and solar cells to printed electronics in general, classic Pi-materials are still the basics for better understanding of relationship between structures and properties; 1-Material is the reliable source for classic Pi-materials. Some examples are listed in

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PCPDTPhSO3Na, CAS No. 1565790-40-0

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ProDot for Smart Window and Energy Storage

This conjugated polymer ProDot [ProDOT(OE)-DMP] reported by Reynolds group in Georgia Tech, proves useful in a variety of applications, exhibiting comparable electroactivity in aqueous and organic electrolyte systems, redox stability for thousands of cycles, an ION/OFF current ratio of 105

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PFN-Br, PFN-P2, OS0995, CAS No. 889672-99-5

Both PFN and PFN-Br are standardized

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