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1M ICSM 2022 P1B LBG polymers

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1M supports Functional π-Electron Materials

1M sponsor fpi15 https://conferences.coned.ncsu.edu/fpi15/

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BODIPY-9, an novel p-extended NIR absorption and emission dye for transparent photovoltaic (TPV) and transparent luminescent solar concentrator (TLSC) system.

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C60-PA, CPPA, C60-C6-PA

Science news: an old material found new function in PSCs Summary: A phosphonic acid–functionalized fullerene derivative (C60-PA) in mixed-cation perovskites as a grain boundary modulator to consolidate the crystal structure enhances the tolerance of the film against illumination, heat, and

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1M is exhibiting in MRS throughout 2023

  2023 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibits (ungerboeck.com)  

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1-Material supports MRS constantly

1-material is proud of supporting MRS constantly throughout 10+ years.

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Another high-performance polymeric donor is ready for you to validate: 1M PTQx-TF PTQx-TF OPV PCE187 updated 20220928  

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1M supports ICSM2022 with REPRODUCIBLE Synthetic Metals

Listed here are 1M’s Organic Nano Electronic(ONE=1) materials selected to support your research in the field of synthetic metals, you are welcome to download and provide suggestions.

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1M Supports Frontiers in Organic Semiconductors Materials CONSTANTLY

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1M is the supporting partner of ICSM 2022

1M ICSM 2022

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