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PFBS-C12, C60 PFBS, PSC, Perovskite solar cell, electron transport, polymeric fullerene

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Dipolar impact OPV reliability PCE10, BT-IC, BT-CIC, BTCIC-IC

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1M is proud of supporting 1st TIDE


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BTO helps Y6 crystallizing in PM6 , glycol side chain, NFA, A guest-assisted molecular-organization approach

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Y8 Y10 Y6-T CAS 2410422-75-0, all small OPV, higher LUMO


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1M looks forward to meeting you in MRS Boston


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Dark quenchers QSY21, QSY21 NSH and more for your bio-logic applications

Dark quencher molecules are now regarded as key components in the design of smart optical bioprobes, especially those that rely on Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET), currently used in protease activity assays, nucleic acid hybridization, and real‐time polymerase chain reactions

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Epindolidiones—Versatile and Stable Hydrogen-Bonded Pigments for Organic Field-Effect Transistors and Light-Emitting Diodes

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ion-electron transport, TEG, glycol alkyl ether flanked polymers for OECT, electrochromic, bio-medical

Flanking conjugated backbones with long glycol alkyl ethers allows simultaneous transport of ionic and electronic charge carriers. You are welcome to click below to explore what we can do for you:

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