Product Information

HDO-4Cl is ready for you:

1M COA_HDO-4Cl DW9125P

PTQx-TF or PHQx-TF, another high-performance polymer donor is ready to be validated:

1M PTQx-TF PTQx-TF OPV PCE187 updated 20220928

1M supports ICSM 2022 with REPRODUCIBLE synthetic metals:



1M ICSM 2022 P1B LBG polymers

1M ICSM 2022 P2 Fullerene works for you

1M ICSM 2022 P3 non fused ring NFA

1M ICSM 2022 P4 Fused Ring NFA

1M ICSM 2022 P5 ion-electron polymers

1M ICSM 2022 P6A PTAA short list HOMO LUMO

1M ICSM 2022 P6B SAM for long-life solar cells

1M ICSM 2022 P7A reproducible synthetic metals

1M ICSM 2022 P7B reproducible synthetic metals

1st  record of 2022 OPV: PCE breaking another psychologic barrier 20% efficiency, GS-ISO

1M GS-ISO Tandem OPV PCE 20

2D-NFA,  BTP-Th BTP-FTh, single junction OPV delivered a PCE of 19%


May indoor OPV be the 1st kill application? see what can be done with FCC-Cl HDO-4Cl, Y6-O and more:

1M FCC-Cl OPV Indoor

1M HDO-4Cl HD-4Cl eC9

1M Y6-O Y6-1O indoor OPV PCE 30%

PTQx-Th, single junction OPV approaching 19% efficiency:


1M fullerene derivatives still for you:

1M Fullerene works for you 2021

1M ion-electron polymers for you to explore 2021


Self-Assembly Molecules (SAM) 2Br-2PACz 2Br-4PZCz and more

1M SAM for long-life solar cells

Polymeric NFA PJ1 PZ1 and more

1M PJ1 for all polymer solar cell to be explored

1M PZ1 Polymeric NFA

18% efficiency organic solar cell, 1st record of 2020.

1st record of 2020 D18 PCE-18

Life matters beyond efficiency, perovskite-PV

It is about lifetime Perovskite-PV

Y-Family NFAs extended along with their associated polymeric donors, are we there yet?

Y-Family NFAs Extended 20191202 new release

1M polymeric donors 20191202_new release

All Small Molecules OPV is coming:

All SM OPV BTR-Cl 20191021

BTR for indoor and/or transparent OPV

Indoor OPV BTR 2019

New acceptor PCE157 working with PCE135 broke the PCE benchmark of 16% for single-junction organic solar cell.


Go beyond 1000nm

PDDTT is coming back in a reproducible way, click to see how it works.

1M_ PDDTT_beyong 1000nm C12

Three new NFAs are available for your research in high performance OPV.




1M NFA FOIC 201705969


1M NFA 3TT-FIC 20180718

PCE is closing to 15%, are we there yet?

Please click the updated list below, cheers.

1M PCE is close to 15%_20180427

1M PCE is close to 15%_20180427

N-Type Polymers for your OTFT, OE and OPV

1M N-Type Polymers 20180426

2018-2: PDIs are ready for you to explore

1M_PDI for you to explore_0180110

2018-1: Cathode interlayer materials for your OPV applications

1M Interlayer material upgraded 2018

Fluorine-atoms in NFAs, yours to discover:

1M F-NFA 20171005

Polymer-NFA BHJ-OPV highlight from 1M, your choice is coming:

1M NFA OPV highligh updated 20171005

OPV toward stability: IDFBR may be a solution.

COA_NFA012_IDFBR YY11244 with NMR

NFAs-OPV Materials have just been updated, your comments and suggestion are appreciated.

1M NFAS limited realease 20170120

1M polymeric donors selected for NFAs_20170117

1M ONE Materials Selected 2016, for research and education proposals. You are welcome to download for your references, thanks.

ONE updated 20160526_save in pdf

For your suggestions and validations, the enclosed Small Molecule Non-Fullerene Acceptors (SMNFA) are proposed.

1M SM NFA selection for suggestions updated 20160818

New Small Molecular OPV Material -BTR ready for your laboratory evaluation


BTR_Figure performance


Materials for Perovskite solar cell updated_20140828

1M Materials for Perovskite solar cells_updated 20140828

New Release -August 2014

(1). PTAA for your Perovsite solar cells

1M-PTAA New 20140911, updated 2018

1M-PTAA short list upgraded 2018 HOMO LUMO

(2). CPEs (Conjugated Polyelectrolytes) for your choice

1M-CPE New 20141104


New release -April 2014:

(1). PCDTPT, an OTFT polymer with an intrinsic mobility  of  µh 47 cm2v-1s-1

1M-New Release PCDTBT_OTFT Polymer_20140420

(2). Small Molecular OPV Material, breaking 10% PCE:

1M-New Release SMALL OPV Materials for your R&D

Short lists of 1-Material featured products

1M_Pi materials selection_Updated 20141125

Technical Notes

Storage_Solar polymers_Suggestion only by 1M
Perovskite hybrid solar cell_reference_selection only

Selection of publications from 1-Material’s materials

1M inside 9 point 74_single layer solar cell_PCE-10

OS0007 by Alan Heeger in Advance Materials 2013
OS0007 by UNIST in Nano 2013
OS0010_by Alan Heeger_nl401758g
OS0502 OS0340 by KRICT in Nature 2013
OS0007 by Hongbin_Nature Photonics
OS0502 by Richard Friend_Science_2011