Extended Material


1-Material has a large inventory of organic nano electronic materials and is proud to provide these structure well-defined products for your research needs. For your need in functionality, the first two letters of a product number abbreviate its functionality as following:

BD:    Blue Doping                               
EI:      Electron Injection
ET:      Electron Transport           
GD:     Green Doping
HB:     Hole Blocking   
HF:      Hosting Fluorescent emitters
HI:      Hole Injection 
HP:      Hosting Phosphorescent emitters
HT:     Hole Transport     
 IR:       Infra Red dyes
OD:     Organic DVD dyes      
OP:      Organic Photoconductors
OS:     Organic Solar cell materials 
PB:      Polymeric Bipolar transport
PE:      Polymer Electron transport      
  PH:      Polymeric Hole transport
PL:      Polymeric Light emitter
PW:     Polymer Water soluble
RD:     Red Doping     
WD:     White Doping
IT:      Intermediate

For a printable catalogue of the extended ONE (Organic Nano Electronic) materials available from 1-Material, you are welcome to download it from the File Download section, or email us at info@1-material.com.

Note: Custom synthesis of your designed products is also our expertise. For more information, please contact us at info@1-material.com to discuss how we can make what you want in a confidential and timely manner.