PDY-132, Super-yellow, Supra Yellow

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Classic light emitting polymer, Super yellow, still works surprisingly.



1M Material:                                       PL0434/PL0433, Supra-Yellow

Other Name:                                       PDY-132, Super-yellow

CAS No.                                                215612-43-4

Chemical Structure:                          (proprietary end-capped)

Appearance:                                        Yellow Fiber

Molecular weight (GPC):                 Mw ~ 100,000, PDI ~ 2.5 (PS Standard)

Solubility:                                           Soluble in toluene, xylene, chlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene

and other selected solvents

Assay:                                                 99+% (basing NMRs of monomers)

A typical COA is enclosed for your reference. please click below to download.

COA_PL0434 PL0433_supra Yellow ED4025