1-Material Technology

1-Material brings together expertise in the areas of material science, ink formulation and solution processing to produce breakthrough technologies in the area of thin film organic electronics, including Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs), Organic Photovoltaics (OPV), Organic RFID and Polymer Electrolyte Batteries.

1-Material is building up its technology platform through internal research, external joint development, licence and acquisition. Particularly, the company seeks strategy partners or licensor to speed up the commercialization of the following seeded technologies.

Printing-OLED Technology

The company has patented proprietary ‘All-in-One’ ink formulations that can enable OLED based displays to be manufactured in a simplified device configuration via solution processing techniques. The All-in-One inks are formulated from both small molecular materials and polymeric materials that combine the functionalities of hole as well as electron transport, excitation generating, light emitting, and film forming.

In addition, the company has patented technology in making OLED without the deployment of any vacuum systems.

These novel approaches are expected to significantly decrease OLED manufacturing cost compared to current small molecules based vapor deposition techniques and increase the reproducibility (yield) of OLED manufacturing compared to the current light emitting polymer (LEP)-based solution processing techniques.

The company expect that its proprietary inks and associated manufacturing processes will deliver the high yield and low cost characteristics desired by existing OLED display manufacturers and by companies that wish to enter the OLED display manufacturing business in a low cost manner.

Nano-structured Solar Cell

The Company is intended to license its patented nano-structure solar cell technology to a strategic partner(s) who can commercialize this technology effectively. To Read More…

Testing Tools for Organic Semiconductors

The company has acquired the intellectual properties in the area of the testing tool for organic semiconductors. It is seeking a manufacturing partner who can toll produce the company patented chips for testing the conductivity and charge mobility of organic semiconducting materials. To Read More..